Figure Competitions

Alissa has authored an article for Austin Fit Magazine (AFM) titled "My Life as a Figure Competitor".  The following is an excerpt from the article

I was 29 and pregnant with my first son when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 2000. After delivery, my condition persisted and I had to learn how to live with Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes. Fifteen years later, and today I have competed in and won multiple figure competitions and now work to promote fitness as a tool to help other people manage their diabetes.

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Competition Experience

In March 2008 I competed in my first figure competition in the NY Metropolitan in NYC. In April 2008, I competed in my 2nd figure competition .  I placed 2nd overall in both shows.

In 2014, Alissa placed 12th overall in her class in the Shredder competition in Austin, Tx.  Although I was disappointed that I didn't win, I was pleased considering how quickly I’d come from my peak weight.  From Dec 2013, I trained and dieted, losing 32 lbs and competed in the Shredder at a weight of 123.  I followed this show with the Europa Games in May 2014 (where I placed 4th in my class) and the Adele Garcia Classic in June 2014.

Alissa competed in the Shredder Competition in April 2015, where she placed 4th.  She is still training and will compete in 2 more shows this year.