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What's in Your Refrigerator?

We often feel time pressured to prepare meals and wonder what to eat during the day.  Sometimes we might feel pressed for time, or lazy, and choose to eat out for many meals. Being that I have a busy schedule, I can relate to the added unnecessary stress we experience over what to eat, did I eat right, or why didn't I eat healthier. As a diabetic who avidly exercises, I make all of my meals in advance (usually  the night before) that is measured and weighed using portion control as well as  carb-counted on the bags and containers I travel with.

When I prepare for my day, I easily pull out the meals I've selected in advance to eat for that day. This allows me to leave the house on time in the morning and starts out on a good note, which makes it easier to eat and feel healthy. 


Here is an example of what my refrigerator looks like. 


Here is what my meals are for today and here is how I prepare them ahead of time.


I also carry two 3 oz sweet potatoes for low blood sugar. For those who are unable to prepare food due to traveling, appointments, or work commitments etc. I recommend using similar choices when dining out and ask for the chef to prepare the food how you request.  If you know in advance where you are going to eat, call that restaurant ahead of time and see if they can accommodate you. I try to order everything steamed and request that it isn't cooked in any butter, oil, or sautéed.   I’d love to hear what’s in your refrigerator – please scroll down and tell me in the comments section


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blake 9 years ago

I pre-plan, measure & pre-pack as well the night before. When I leave in the AM even if its just for a few hours I'll be prepared for a whole day in case of changes to my schedule.

Maria 9 years ago

My fridge looks like yours minus the dairy and I have some
Sort of berries (1/4 cup) for breakfast!

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