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I’m very excited to share the second part of a meet and greet with Charles Mattocks, celebrity chef and diabetes advocate and award-winning film maker, currently living in Florida.  Since part 1 was published, Charles has won Best Director for a documentary at the Hollywood Florida Film Festival for his film Trial By Fire.  Congratulations Charles!

Trial By Fire is premiering at the River Oaks Theatre at 7 pm 

Please consider contributing to Charles' gofundme effort for his TrialByFire movie.  Your contribution will go towards helping Charles to get the word out about CRPS.

Scroll down to start watching the video.

Charles has been involved in many interesting projects – He made a name for himself as the  “The Poor Chef”, where he created meals that were tasty, nutritious and affordable, and led to appearances on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, The Talk, Martha Stewart, CNN and Dr Oz.  In addition to being the nephew of reggae musician Bob Marley, Charles is an actor, having performed in the title role of the Emmy nominated “The Summer of Ben Tyler”.  He has written two cookbooks promoting budget friendly and healthy recipes and a children's book.  He has been a featured speaker at the TEDx conference in San Francisco and has directed a reality show called “Reversed”, which follows the life of individuals affected by diabetes, and their struggle to change their diet, exercise, mentality and control to reverse their diabetes.   

His latest project is a documentary about CRPS/RSD called “Trial by Fire”  , which premiered at Hollywood Film Festival on Feb 11, 2016 ( ). 

Charles’ mother, who is also the sister of the late Reggae legend Bob Marley, was diagnosed with CRPS/RSD years ago and he has seen the pain and the mismanagement of the condition first hand. Charles, who also lost his father in November, 2014, was moved to try and get his mother the needed help and also bring awareness to the condition that has brought pain to the lives of almost two million people around the world. RSD/CRPS is a condition that needs much attention and he saw a need and wanted to contribute to getting that need filled. Charles has talked and heard scores of stories and researched the condition and his heart was moved to get involved and become an advocate for the condition through the love of his mother

Charles is also wrapping up his diabetes documentary entitled “The Diabetic You”.  

Chef Mattocks work in defacing diabetes is being noticed everywhere including the Victory over Diabetes gala which was hosted in Atlanta, and on the homepage of AOL. His heart truly lies in seeing this world and those affected by diabetes at their best, in spite of diabetes. He is committed to seeing that change. Find out more about Chef Mattocks at his web site. (

Please consider contributing to Charles' gofundme effort for his TrialByFire movie.  Your contribution will go towards helping Charles to get the word out about CRPS

This is the second of a 2 part meet and greet with Charles Mattocks

  • 00:40     Jamaican TV show – Conversations in the Kitchen
  • 01:10     Trial by Fire Movie – CRPS, suicide disease
  • 04:00     Discusses Charles’ mother
  • 05:00     Charles Cookbook Budget Friendly, Children’s book Diabetes and Health Eating
  • 06:30     Charles’  favorite recipe, Curry Chicken
  • 08:20     Charles kitchen, Alissa’s kitchen
  • 09:30     Alissa’s scale and travel scale
  • 10:30     Alissa puts cinnamon to flavor everything
  • 11:00     Egg Whites and Blueberries every day!
  • 11:30     Quaker Ots
  • 13:00     8 oz apple , 30 carbs
  • 13:30     Competition Diet vs other diets
  • 14:00     3 oz almonds each day
  • 14:30     Rice cakes
  • 15:00     Cod prepared for the week 4-6 oz/meal recommended
  • 15:45     Brown rice ½ cup/Recommended 40-60 carbs/meal
  • 16:30     Carbs scaled by age
  • 17:00     Must do activities, if not exercise, goes hand in hand with diet
  • 18:00     Exercise 2 times per week , 30 minutes each time
  • 18:30     1 cup strawberries(11 carbs) for afternoon snack
  • 19:00     Chobani yogurt and cinnamon
  • 19:30     Most hungry for the dinner meal, prefers organic romaine
  • 20:00     Red Wine Vinegar fills you up, or a light dressing 1 or 2 tablespoon
  • 20:40     Sweet potato , 4 oz
  • 23:00     Alissa uses a Dexcom CGM
  • 25:30     Charles has been to India, Australia, many countries, trying to reach people to live a better life with diabetes
  • 26:00     Charles has dedicated himself to diabetes education
  • 27:30     Alissa plans to compete in June
  • 29:00     How to follow Charles,
  • 29:45     Hollywood Florida on Feb 11, look on for showings near you

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