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Today there was black ice on the roads in Austin which created many accidents and closed off roads.  Despite the weather and bad roads, I was determined to get my work out in.  I was on my way to the gym, but had to turn around and come home. 

Being stuck at home due to inclement weather gives you the unwanted opportunity to eat too much food since the refrigerator is always there! So how do I preoccupy my time and redirect myself to avoid unhealthy foods? Here are some suggestions to make sure you stay fit while staving off cabin fever when bad weather hits! Even though all these activities do not pertain to everyone there is always an activity to preoccupy your time.

My children and I eat healthy and occasionally they have yummy treats. Today we decided to take out a cookbook and make a recipe to eat for our meals.  My children love chocolate pudding. It's an easy and delicious recipe that children and even adults love. Since my daughter and I are diabetic, we buy sugar free. We also enjoy dairy and vegetarian meals, so we chose carb-counting cottage pancakes, homemade applesauce, vegetables stir fried in Pam spray and a turkey meat loaf with baked potatoes, measured and mashed in the food processor.

Later today we will have sugar free hot chocolate and light the fireplace. We have sugar free marshmallows and graham crackers with a few sugar free chocolate chips, counting out with serving size on the bag. My kids love making s'mores, however we limit it to two each for portion control. We will have popcorn tonight watching a movie. These are all great choices.

We have monopoly at home and we also enjoy playing many other family games. Even if you are spending the day on your own, there are card games, cross word puzzles, reading, and movies, amongst other activities.

I’m hungry as I write this - I eat the same meals every three hours per the strict diet for my figure competition. I look at the clock hoping it's another meal time soon because I'm bored and food consumes my mind. So, how do I get through it? Although we are in the kitchen near all the food, having a prearranged meal help keep your mind off of food and even gives you apples or vegetables to snack on. I keep my mind preoccupied using all of the tips I've provided – this is the way to promote a healthy discipline with the foods you consume.

My sugar just dropped low. I blogged previously about low blood sugar and how to stop yourself from binging. I wanted to eat but I remember what Dr. Blevins mentioned (Cravings and Low Blood Sugar an Interview with Dr. Blevins) and it worked. I stopped myself from binging.

Whatever you decide to do, remember your ultimate goal of keeping fit and eating healthy!  I’d love to hear what you do during inclement weather – please scroll down and tell me in the comments section.



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