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The Bonnie Sher Show, Boomer Life is a live 50‐minute Internet radio program dedicated to a generation of Americans who continue to be a major force for social change and poster children for independence and self‐expression. Host Bonnie Sher is the child of stage and screen industry veterans and a protégé of the late Sammy Davis, Jr. She is an actress, musician and entrepreneur with an indelible presence in the entertainment industry, including coveted spot on the “DList,” celebrities living with diabetes. Bonnie shares her journey and invites others on the ride for a celebrity baby boomer’s fierce, fearless and unfiltered take on life, laughter, a little bit of this, a lot of that and a lot you don’t want to miss.

FitAlissa co-hosted Bonnie's show on Nov 3, 2016.  Alissa’s segment starts at minute 24.


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