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Discussion of Diet and Fitness as a tool to manage Diabetes

A diet and training change that resulted in 2% body fat loss and 2 pounds of weight loss in a week has created hyperglycemia for 5 days.  I have provided my logbook of what consistent high blood sugars look like and how I handled it.  I’m very independent with caring for my diabetes and am familiar with the ratios that have been working up to this point.  My endocrinologist Dr Blevins, says in times like this, that availability is important (Dr. Blevins interview). After my 5 day pattern of hyperglycemia, I followed this advice and made an appointment with my endocrinologist. The result - my insulin was increased to adjust to my new diet and rigorous exercise regimen.    Over the next week, I must closely monitor for a similar consistent pattern of high sugar levels accompanied with weight and body fat loss over the next week and continue the close contact with my endocrinologist.  This is what makes an athlete successful in a professional sport.  

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